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TS Retractors can help

TS Retractors are created by Dr. Todd Snyder, an international author and lecturer on state-of-the-art dental procedures and technology.

TS Retractors are designed to improve access and allow for better control of the lips while photographing your cases. The small size of the retractor makes it simple to use on any size of patient. The TS Retractors are made of high quality, medical grade materials and individually packaged for patient care. 
TS Retractors dental lip & cheek retractors


The TS Retractors can be purchase as individual pairs or as a box of four pairs.

How To Utilize TS Retractors

Intraoral photography often requires the utilization of cheek retractors to capture the best photograph of the teeth without any distractions from the lips. Indirect photography via the use of an intraoral mirror always necessitates the use of cheek retractors. However the utilization of traditional retractors because of their shape and size, tend to stretch the lips in such a manner that sometimes makes it more difficult to capture a beautiful picture due to limiting the incisal opening.   Other times the retractors may be too large to allow proper placement of intraoral mirrors and contrasters.

By creating smaller retractors (TS Retractors) there is less constriction of the lips which enables the patient to have more range of movement allowing for a larger opening of the oral cavity and a bigger working field for the dental photographer.  The bigger working field makes it much easier to compose a photograph and focus on the image.

Due to the size of the traditional cheek retractors the edge of the plastic is often seen within the final photograph.   With the smaller size of the TS Retractors they eliminate this problem and they allow for cleaner photographs that are free of any distracting edges or tissues.

DISINFECTION/STERILIZATION - The quality of plastic utilized in the TS Retractors can handle either repeated cold sterilization soaking or the use of fast autoclaves. The TS Retractors have been tested specifically with over 400 sterilization cycles in a Statim 2000 autoclave.
Occlusal Arch Photography 
Anterior photographs of the maxillary or mandibular incisors can be simplified by allowing better access when utilizing the TS Retractors as opposed to traditional retractors. The shape of traditional retractors does not allow the patient to have maximum opening, nor does it typically allow for the ideal placement of intraoral contrasters because of binding against the curved extension of the retractors. The TS Retractors allow for a broader opening of the mandible and easier placement and positioning of the intraoral contrasters.
Examples of TS Retractors dental lip & cheek retractors
Occlusal Arch Photography 
Maxillary and mandibular full arch photographs utilizing mirrors are some of the most challenging intraoral photographs to take.  By minimizing the amount of lip pull we can allow the patients to open wider thereby creating more working room.  Notice the difference in maximum opening and how far away from the maxillary arch the mirror is capable of being placed by allowing less binding of the lips. 
Examples of TS Retractors dental lip & cheek retractors
Occlusal Quadrant Photography
Notice the difference in the retractors shape and position which allows a larger working space in which to capture a photograph. Also note the corner of the traditional retractor being present in the mirror as a distraction by comparison to the TS Retractor not being present.
Examples of TS Retractors dental lip & cheek retractors

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